The Rockstar And The Pauper Poem by Paula Glynn

The Rockstar And The Pauper

The Rockstar

A man designed to be a rockstar
From a popular young man
A teenage boy dreaming
Of a life of excitement, drama,
Action, passion, aggression,
Praise, worship and treated like a god,

Women to come and go
In spite of a devoted wife
Yet she stays in his life
A life where no two days
Are boring or ever the same
Where there is glory, money and fame,

To live in a mansion: or even two,
Fame and fortune addictive
Never to perish, a lifestyle never through
For a life of glamour they do cherish
Where their hearts don't bleed
No matter the others that perish
In the world of money
Money they want rather than need,

In the media game, the paparazzi
Spreading lies and innuendo
Fearing people turning away
No longer to worship and praise
The devoted rockstar
A man who reached for those night stars
And made his reputation go far
As he plays his legendary guitar.

The Pauper

A pretty young woman,
A poor girl from a poor town,
Dreaming of fabulous London,
Dreaming of those downtown trains
Where money doesn't go down the drain
And celebrities live lives of legendary fame
No two days ever the same,

But she finds a lowly job
Where at least the bills are paid
And a little money left over
To go to those nightclubs
And meet others living on the breadline
For she is a London pauper
Who knows only limited budgeting
And limited freedom in the world of money,

And it was there she bumped into him:
The most handsome rockstar ever born
Where little girls dream of a beautiful prince
And doesn't end up with a heart that is torn,

And he notices her straight away
And for her drink he does pay
For she has lit up his night
But little of his games does he say
For he often plays the love game
Only wanting a woman for the night
And ditching her as soon as breakfast is done
Women to remember their bodies tumbling in the bedsheets
The night-time passion before the rising morning sun,

But he gazes at her in wonder:
That beauty of hers so rare
And he does want to stare and stare
But he knows there are many beautiful women
Who want to kiss him and his bed share
So he has her for the night
And when morning comes
She knows it is over
And learns the pain of daylight
Her prince beyond her reach,

For being a pauper,
She cannot change their differences
Although this she does want to challenge
Does want to stand up and fight
But the rockstar knows it'll never work
In spite of her hurt
And two hearts part
Knowing they shall remember
That passionate London night
Where London remains a glorious sight.

Friday, December 11, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: romance
Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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