The Romantic Ledger Poem by Randy McClave

The Romantic Ledger

Like an accountant looking over the books
Sometimes searching to find some discretion or crooks,
But, I'm the exe taping my feet as I think
Then unto my own destiny, I give it a nod and a wink.
My romance now has become a ledger
Upon it there is more pain and hurt than comfort or pleasure,
I see the cost I had spent and it's all in the red
And that worry and pain and suffering re-enters my head.
I still remember what I had originally sought
And then also what I had loaned out and bought,
All that was promised me, but still owed
And now all the lies and broken promises upon me that was bestowed.
Bills and loans and debts still owed and not ever paid
After promises and oaths I thought were honestly made,
Now I see no future with any payback
Also knowing that never again will that ledger be in the black.
Then I look as I think if she were on a payroll
All the more destruction she would had handed down to the soul,
Then as I think as if I were truly the boss
Sometimes, it's better to throw away the ledger and take a loss.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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