! The Simple Person

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and when you’re a child, you learn so much
of ‘grown-up’ life, of ‘grown-up’ values –

by the tone of voice
in which they say things

my mother, saying of a particular person
whom I’d never met – or if I had,
would not have known what to make of them –

‘She’s a simple person’

and the tone of voice with which she said this
was full of compassion, without a touch of criticism:

it meant, she has no mind with which to make complexity.
Not a hint there of some label like mentally challenged,
or mentally under-privileged;

rather, the purity of a soul untrammelled;
indeed, a state of grace

for in her day, the honourable poor
looked after, were at one with their simpler kin;
while free to honour the skilled and fortunate

and I listening, wondered if I could rise to life’s challenges
as a simple person.

Colin J... 05 January 2007

Liked this one Michael, in Ireland they would say Simple Soul. Colin

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Adeline Foster 26 April 2016

Could one? A question of courage, then again. Read mine - We The Unencumbered - Adeline

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Marci Made 06 June 2007

Excellent...simply put to lead a better life and rethink what really matters..I am still learning in fact have much to learn and young I'm not, at least not by years marked by the calendar......marci.m. :)

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Gaurav Silwal 08 January 2007

I am also pondering over the same point ' how I can rise to life’s challenges as a simple person. '. But, Lord Jagannath is taking care of everything. He has made all the arrangements. You don't believe...........? ? ? ? ? Peace Gaurav

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A. Michael Sears 05 January 2007

I love this Michael. A wonderful read. I struggle to be a simple person. Someday. ~Aaron

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Mary Nagy 05 January 2007

What a poem to make you really re-evaluate the way you live Michael! I think we all (at least I do) strive to reach that place in life where we are just living as a 'simple person', not stressing about those things that make us ugly (jealousy, money, anger, resentment, etc.) . I love it when a poem makes me turn on my path I am on in life, just a little turn makes me feel like I'm heading the right direction. (I hope that makes sense) . Thank you for the guidance you lay before people whether you intend to or not. Love, Mary

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