The Song Poem by Crystal Bradley

The Song

Rating: 5.0

Time goes by so swiftly
that we barely have time to stop
and notice all of life's beauty.
Seasons change as quickly
as the tide.
People we know and love come and go
and we say our goodbyes.
We rarely have the time or thought to stop
and listen to life's beautiful song.
We grow older and wonder how and where
our life and youth have gone.
Our beauty fades as our souls
grow wiser.
Our bodies wrinkle and shrink as
our inner strength grows higher.
And when the end draws near
after this brief short life,
And we realize that we've let the beauty
go unappreciated into the night.
We'll know that happiness was here
all along.
If we had but stopped to listen
to the song.

Juan Olivarez 01 July 2010

So much wisdom in this wonderful poem. A ten easily.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 18 June 2010

our life and youth have gone. Our beauty fades as our souls grow wiser................................ .time still wades through eternal stream lo behold! mortality sways and swaddles yet swaggering of luminous beauty onshore but slowly warping into sheath of oblivion., fantastic way of realizing the flow of time in which we are all ephemeral and supposed to be obscured, yet write of unique genre,10++, thanks for sharing

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I lifes message, stop to smell the roses, then we would hear the song. Lifes business really consumes us at times. Well penned, my friend. Enjoyable read; D

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