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The Song Of Marvel - Poem by ONOJA ANTHONY

Chidinma Ogundare is a gazelle whose beauty defiled outermost descriptions
In time and space, no other lady has ever outsmart her kind of ay ttractiveness and grace
She is perfectly beautiful in every sphere of detail. There is no blemish on her skin and every limb of hers is a limb destined to be set in finest crafted glassy shoes
The world is indeed in perfect aluta that Chidinma is the zenith of human magnificence.
Nigerians used to say that even birds and beasts testify to Chidinma's elegance and power of beauty she abound
How else could one explain the patient and intent manner with which these beasts gazed at her?
Everyone that ever layed eyes on her become enamoured with her loveliness and grace.
There is no way one can be a hurry to forget this mortal princess
Those who are imprisoned by her steadily beauty permanently in a tale of quagmire
She is full of youthfulness, fleshy and fresh with grace
She had a narrowness at waistline that is very admirable
Her capacious chest is appropriately proportionate to her figure '8' structure.
On it sit prominently and tauntingly succulent, fresh and sturdy breasts like the ganges apples in far reach Adamaic Garden
Her neck is arrange in tarcet as of the steady gazelle
Chidinma's face is clone with a soothing peace and calmness
She had soft white eyeballs....The shelter in those eyes could bring comfort to one's heeart and soul
The eyelashes were long, deeply dark and curve like an l-sharped drum stick.
When she blinked the eyelashes will open and close sparklingly and this ofcourse makes her the adorable one.
Chidinma's teeth were white as wool wore in snow land
They were well formed with a superb gap in the centre of the upper row
When she smile her teeth will display themselves in a most titanic manner that worth recounting
At such moments her face will radiate with a lushness comparable only to scene of Apollo at sunset
She take a long stride of gracefulness, so graceful that it will have been more befitting for the Globe to go on its knees and salute her in Yoruba 'Ekaaso Ma' this ofcourse is the only way to possibly do justice to her stature.
Chidinma's appearance and character is the joy of all who know her or just met her, for inspite of her fine attributes, she is a humble woman.
She had compassion encapsulate in her inner beauty, a quality that is most often lacking in women of her kind.
She never snubbed people and is never too conscious of her attractive appearance....
Her relationship with others is dominated by committment, care and respect a pale of virtue
Chidinma is in love with fashion and looking good. she look admirable in dresses. All assorted clothes sat well on her hips.
It is truly spectacle any time she combine this with jean trouser and began to dance-walk. Silence will reign as all eyes focus on her from silavating men.
She knew how to walk gracefully and with nobility, this is all natural
Frame work is no problem to her and she work earnestly, she is the shining example to be referred to by all women who wanted to bring up their daughters homely....

Topic(s) of this poem: praise

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