The Storm Poem by Tamra Craft

Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Storm

Violet storm clouds rippled menacingly above us
Painting the water in sinuous lilac waves
Their lily white caps broke against our ankles
On Maribel’s shore beneath her caves.

Lady wind, ran her fingers over the earth
Caressing everything back to life with her touch
If we leave this world behind us, cease to exist
This conscious moment would be enough

The cat tails and tree branches swayed to the music
Our eyes glittered underneath the moon light
The thunder swelled and the lightning pulsed
Black birds against a violet canvas a breathless sight.

We waited for her strength to rain down upon us
Smooth slick pebbles in the palm of my hand
She waited to show her face until after sunset
Tranquil treasures standing among the shells and sand

The blissful aroma of flowers over us
As she releases her dark cascade
Tresses pasted to our rose cheeks
As the last bit of horizon fades

The moon peeks out again behind a cloud
You shimmer as you reach out to touch me
Ebony rocks slid down into the water
The taste of raindrops off your lips, ecstasy.

Your long flaxen curls wet, same color as the sand
Your eyes shared the color with the sky
Your lashes held tiny stars that captivated
Me, silencing the passage of time.

Shielded from the worlds scornful sight
Not even the stars could peer through the clouds
We were alone their on that velvet shore
Where our souls tried not to drown.

We took the storm into our veins
Felt it course through, till it tasted the same
Your ruby blood, ebbed black in the night
As a tangle of arms, spent, the skies were tamed.

You and I huddled together on the cliffs
Together jade smoke warmed our chilled skin.
I watched the russet embers illuminate your face.
I still see you in the smoke circles you love to dance in.


Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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