To Great Grandma Ott On Mothers Day

When I think about growing old some day
I smile because I think of you.
Of all the loving words you say
And the generous things you do.

I think of all the “I love You’s” you must have said
And all the hugs and kisses you have given.
Of all the hungry tummies you’ve fed
And about all the hearts you’ve been in.

I think of how lucky you were to live a life
Filled to the brim with flowers and love.
To be a doting mother and the most loving wife,
To be what so many warm memories are made of.

I imagine the bitter sweet joy of watching my own
Grow into more than I could have ever hoped for.
And to be so blessed by the oats I have sewn
To watch my family’s love grow even more.

To be there when my own babies have babies
Like once again holding my own children close.
To be surrounded by so much affection and peace
I love that even after all these years, your love only grows.

So, thanks to you, I look forward to every birthday.
I try not to be too sad about how big my little ones are getting.
Because I know how many “I Love You’s” I get to hear and say
And thanks to you, I know how much I’ll enjoy remembering.