The Blue-Jay Misses

As she undoes the latch and pushes open the door
The blue-jays breath catches, he wants to say something but can’t.
Before she turns to smile, she re-latches it behind her.
The Blue-Jay reaches out to her silently, if only she could understand.

He tries to be nonchalant but she isn’t there for him
This tares the Blue-Jay apart with jealousy, he wishes she knew.
He watches her come day after day, the words on the brim,
But he never can set them free no matter how bad he wants to.

The Blue-Jay skims along the border of how he really feels
Wanting so badly to take her and make her his.
Her intoxicating aroma makes his senses real.
He hates thinking about the others she may be with.

If The Blue-Jay only knew that she was waiting for his move
Maybe it would be the confidence he needs to ask,
But she is a woman who needs a mans voice to prove
To her he is worthy, before stepping within his grasp,

Had this dark creature of the night but uttered stay
She would have obliged him and ended her trysts,
But his cowardice kept her constantly at bay
Now she is another chance that he has missed.