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The Sun Will Shine

Rating: 5.0

The sun will shine.
even though rain clouds gather,
even though snow drops,
even though flowers fade away,
even though plants wither and die,
even though all seems heavy,
even though hope is gone,
even though all seems black,
The sun will shine.

And when it does shine,
all will seem light and bright,
life will seem worth living,
and hope will come back in it's newest and brightest form

Falusi Mobolaji 02 August 2008

well composed, good. keep it up, but more in english

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Chitra - 02 August 2008

an uplifting inspiring poem

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Adnana Saric 02 August 2008

I like it because of the positive outlook

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Carol Rhodes 30 August 2008

Blessing, very inspiring and well written. As I've said before, you have talent and you are very young. The world awaits your pictures of hope and insight. Your emotion and compassion shine through with every word you choose. My best to you, Carol

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Little Hatila ;) 07 August 2008

it was full of hope. i really like shows that no matter what happens there is always the reason for living...

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a poem with a theme of oppression yet the inevitable uprising and overturning of the dark from the light.... a wonderful work

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Obed Akuma 04 August 2008

no matter the trouble no matter the grief all will glide away and a moment of pure joy will burst at sight

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Anna jonson 03 August 2008

i like it.. must be one of my favuourites from now on

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