The Superhero Trilogy Poem by Paula Glynn

The Superhero Trilogy


Captain Sanity: also known as Angela
Having lived a hard life in the Bronx
Taking all the breaks life can give
Knowing she must make a huge effort always
In order to be happy and just live

Without virtual insanity
Without emotional blackmail
Without domestic violence
Without poisonous cigarettes
Without verbal abuse

Working for the mental health services
Angela - Captain Sanity
Shows others how to live
And unconditional love she does give
Without expectation of reward

Angela emotionally strong
Angela with a big and generous heart
Angela that to the world does belong
Angela always the one that does steer
Angela fighting the internal fear

Showing courage and how to be strong
Showing how to face life and get along
Showing true love
Showing angels guiding from above
Showing faith, passion and hope

And in times of insanity
Captain Sanity does guide all in need
To stop the cut and the bleed
Forgiving others and spreading angelic love
Angela the Captain of Sanity from above.


Iron woman without fear
Iron woman without prejudice
Iron woman full of muscle
Iron woman never lying and crying
Iron woman never abused

No one able to verbally abuse Iron woman
No one able to beat Iron woman
No one able to intimidate Iron woman
No one able to make Iron woman history
No one able to defeat Iron woman

Iron woman having once cried
Iron woman having once been a different person
Iron woman having once been emotionally weak
Iron woman having once been physically weak
Iron woman once silent when hurt: never to speak

Iron woman now with everyone on her side
Iron woman now happy to be who she is today
Iron woman now showing emotional strength
Iron woman now showing physical strength
Iron woman with a loud and proud voice.


Next to Spiderman is spider-woman
A woman no stranger to spiders
Having held a seemingly harmless spider
And then it biting her with its fangs
An ordinary woman transforming

Into a red costumed spider-woman
A woman able to do acrobatics
A woman able to throw a punch
A woman able to shout at aggressors
A woman able to defend herself

Spider-woman never a victim
Thanks to that biting spider
Spider-woman always above others
Thanks to that biting spider
Spider-woman always attractive to others

With her physical and emotional strength
As she goes from place to place
Hiding - sometimes - like a spider
Inside the shadows to pounce and attack
Emotional intelligence that does never lack

Spiderman to love spider-woman
Two superheroes perfectly matched
Every criminal caught
Every criminal found out
And rightfully punished

Together Spiderman and spider-woman
Make the dream team
The criminal world dreading
Their impact as they stop crime
Making those guilty pay by doing time

The world protected as long as superheroes rule
Including teaching kids to protect themselves at school
Follow their dreams and achieve
For them and their future
Where they make it happen and also use a computer.

Anil Kumar Panda 20 July 2022

Nice write. Beautifully crafted. Loved reading it.

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