The Sweet Taste Of Breakfast Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

The Sweet Taste Of Breakfast

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The Sweet Taste Of Breakfast
(translated from the Dutch language
by ©Sylvia Frances Chan)

Dear beloved,
what would you like to drink this earliest morning?
i don't want to break your heart
i wish you feel like a newborn baby,
completely innocent
comes for the premier time
to greet this belligerent world,

don't let me distract you

what i want to ask you is,
what do you want to drink
this morning,
tea or coffee, especially for you my greatest admirer,
my dearest beloved life friend and faithful husband
the handsome father of our adorable three sons,
please tell me what you want to drink.
Shall I pick fresh mint leaves from the garden?
Then I add sweet tasty honey and cinnamon
you can also choose between Earl Grey,
and the many kinds of green tea, with or without a slice of lemon,
or cinnamon tea with delicious breakfast biscuits just out of the oven,
cozy as always every morning just the two of us
to later in turn read the NRC newspaper,

i have more choices of tea than coffee
and quite mild,
i wait what choice you will make
every morning you have to make a choice
which coffee or tea you are going to drink,
it had been different when all three sons were still living at home,
noisier, but still as cozy as this morning,
very cozy,
curious about what you choose,

then you go to your hospital and i go to my students,
meanwhile, our loyal domestic helper has arrived,
always fresh, cheerful, and on time,

she clears the table and cleans the house,
i can't live without her
since many obligations await me outside the home,

i am very happy with Ilonka,
she is like a mother to me

meanwhile, the love of my life chooses mint tea with cinnamon,
so not from the garden this time,
that's how it goes every morning,

making choices of tea or coffee
and a delicious breakfast
with a warm bun and delicious biscuits of the oven,
while we wait for Ilonka,
that is a very nice occurrence
for many years now

©Sylvia Frances Chan - April 8,2023

Sylvia Frances Chan

Sylvia Frances Chan

Jakarta, Indonesia
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