The Teddy Bears Picnic...A Very Dark Poem Poem by Shaun Cronick

The Teddy Bears Picnic...A Very Dark Poem

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If you go down to the woods today,
You're in for a big surprise.
If you go down to the woods today,
You'll meet your grisly demise.

There are many furry little critters,
A pleasing sight to any small child.
The Teddy Bears are having a picnic,
Bears so madly ravenous and defiled.

So sweet and so cuddly are they all,
All gathered opening up their food hamper.
Then a sight to shock Edgar Allan Poe,
Revealing the entrails of a happy camper.

And now as one they begin to spit and hiss,
As a bloody feeding frenzy takes place.
Their mouth's revealing long sharp fangs,
As they all gorge on a woodsman's face.

Their trail of death is truly horrendous,
In woods once filled with assuring peace.
Pieces of human carrion lay vilely scattered,
As their gluttonous hunger just won't cease.

They've always been secretly evil.
Hoodwinking humans for many a year,
Inanimate cute and cuddly soft toys,
Are not what they did once appear.

So, don't go down to the woods today,
Don't bump into a nasty big surprise.
Please, don't go down to the woods today,
Don't meet your most grisly demise.
For if you do you'll head their menu,
Carved up and served with French-fries

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: bears,darkness,edgar allan poe,horror,hunger,terror,truth
Kevin Patrick 25 March 2020

So all those years ago when I tied up my teddy bear and decapitated him with a butter knife, I saved myself, woah! glad I called it on that one!

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Shaun Cronick 25 March 2020

You're a very, very, very lucky man Kevin. Dare I say truly Blessed, and that's one helluva sharp butter knife. Thanks for your superb witty comment sir and in these troubling times take care man.

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