Longing Poem by Shaun Cronick


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Poor, lone, Emma.
Old, faded and wrinkled.
Bright eyed beauty once was she,
When the bloom was on the tree.
Emma's at her window, gazing at the shore,
Longing for her lover, swaying back and fore.

Beautiful, loved, Emma.
Young, vibrant and fair.
Roy, ships carpenter, softly woos,
Handsome, young and clever.
For her willing heart and hand he sued,
For they shall marry in the Spring,
After sailing his Cape Horn dues.
They walk past her window, kissing on the shore,
Breezes blow her bonnet, swaying back and fore.

Through rising turbulent seas,
Roy's small schooner valiantly sails.
Against a building black storm,
And it's persistent gales and wails.
Below decks not a word is whispered.
The only movement a clock pendulum,
Drawing every eye, swaying back and fore.
Roy's longing for his Emma, on that remote distant shore,
The cruel storm clutching his ship, swaying back and fore.

Emma's at the harbour.
Woeful, wretched and worn.
Whispering hoarsely to one and all,
About her true love sworn.
Has anyone seen my beloved Roy?
Please, please, is there any news?
All replies are sorrowful,
For poor, pitiful Emma, none ever do refuse.
For thirty and a dozen years,
Emma's asked around.
For thirty and a dozen years,
Longing he will be found.
Emma's at her window, gazing at the shore,
Longing for her lover, swaying back and fore.

Two hundred seasons come and go.
This time for Emma so mockingly slow.
Two hundred seasons come and go.
This time for Emma with nothing to show.

Poor, lone, Emma.
Forever, faithful and hopeful.
Her eyes lifeless as dolls.
Her cruel tormented longing now mercifully ended.
Emma's at her window, now blind to the shore,
She longed for her lover, swaying back no more.

Beautiful, loved, Emma,
Young, vibrant and fair.
Now at last embracing her beloved Roy.
She's crying uncontrollably,
Her tears so quickly flow,
He whispers to her softly,
The only tears allowed in Heaven,
Are those of endless joy.
Now never to be parted, kissing each other for evermore,
Two young lovers eternally loving, swaying back and fore.

Copyright Shaun Cronick 2019.All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, November 10, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: blind love,eternity,grief ,hope,hopelessness,hurting,love,love and dreams,love and life
For Rebecca.
Rose Marie Juan-austin 22 December 2020

Revisiting this one of a kind love story woven by a wonderful and brilliant Poet. A poetic gem that touches the heart. So beautifully crafted with great images.

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Shaun Cronick 01 September 2020

Lodigiana so pleased you enjoyed and thank you for your wonderous and most gracious comment. And this is my favourite poem of all of them. And this took a week to write to get the balance of love lost and love eternally found. And the swaying back and fore repetition was to signify time passing and of that final magical reunion that subliminally has been a future heavenly echo running and calling through Emma's life. Take care Lodigiana. Shaun.x.

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Lodigiana Poetess 29 August 2020

Oh wow! what a wonderful piece of storytelling filled with all the emotions that surpass the passage of time and as relevant today for those hopelessly in love as it was at anytime. The sad tale just pulls the reader into it's grasp and take us on the journey of eternal love and loss and final reunion! I can understand why this might be a favourite of your Shaun..It is certainly one of mine.Lodigiana xx

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 10 November 2019

Each and every stanza stands out touching the heart of every reader. Beautifully crafted with superb imagery. On to my Poem List.

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Shaun Cronick 10 November 2019

Thank you Rose Marie for your kind and generous comments and again kudos to you for your recently chosen Poem Of The Day.Well done! ! ! This poem was a tough write to make it so sad and yet uplifting. And I'll share a secret, This poem and Miss Goody Two Shoes and The War In Heaven are my daughters favourites and her name is Rebecca. And I thank you again good Rose Marie. Take care.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 10 November 2019

What a beautiful story. Spellbinding. One of the best poems I have ever read that vividly portrays longing. It brilliantly depicted the power love. A love so pure and conquers death.

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Shaun Cronick 29 May 2020

Thank you good Rose Marie for your most kind and generous comment. Forgive this late reply but I'm so glad a world class poetess as your good self enjoyed it. And your poems Rose Marie are the stuff dreams are made of. Take care and all the loved ones around you

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