The War In Heaven...Archangel Trilogy Part 1 Poem by Shaun Cronick

The War In Heaven...Archangel Trilogy Part 1

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On the golden fields of Heaven,
In the shade of immortal white towers.
By life's clear river dwelling,
And amid undying flowers.
Archangels and Angels recall and reflect on...

The War In Heaven.

The sad memory of a battlefield,
Where countless thousands fell.
When brother fought against brother,
Is a story Angels will never tell.

Where good and evil once dutifully met,
And Angelic dead so peacefully rest,
Is a place trapped in every heart,
And a past hidden under their breast.

A war hidden from human view,
And only seen by them and God.
His warriors filled with resolute,
And their courage a golden rod.

Archangel Lucifer who once shone bright,
His pride and jealously has led to this.
His wanton war in which many will fall,
And so will he at the bloody end of it all.

Archangel Michael leads an army of exalted,
An Archangel filled with furious storm.
To defeat and purge and forever cast out,
Lucifer and what bibles call his dragon swarm.

Lucifer and his army of black deep hate,
Have flown and marched all night and day.
They will be merciless to exploit any weakness,
For he and all are so craving for their prey.

Michael and his righteous army of messengers,
Gathered together make up a resilient band.
To defend and engage on Heaven's front,
Where they will perish or they will stand.

Enough! Let battle commence!
A cacophony of screams are unleashed.
So loud so angry and so vile,
And all simply forget,
When brother once embraced brother,
And greeted each other with a smile.

They meet and clash!
Angels crying, Angels dying!
Their screams and wails,
Once never heard.
Now commonplace,
In this war absurd.

They fight armed with swords,
They cut and thrust!
They slice and splice!
For in their victory they trust.

Many hearts torn out,
Countless ripped limb from limb,
Pulled apart like warm bread,
So much blood and so many dead.

A once united band of brothers,
Decimating Angels hand to hand.
Sadly slaughtering each and all others,
Over their most cherished and sacred land.

They fight in the shade,
Of the immortal white towers,
And ocean's of blood,
Wash across heavenly bowers.

They fight in life's,
Clear river dwelling.
Where heads are severed,
To stop their yelling.

They fight above and on,
And amid undying flowers.
Channelling all and any,
Dwindling Angelic powers.

They fight in the air,
Duelling in the clouds.
And far behind a crimson sun,
A bloody war that must be won.

No quarter asked,
For none is given.
For total victory,
Their aim is driven.

Slowly but surely,
The tide does turn.
Lucifer's Archangel face,
Registers desperate concern.

Then Gabriel and Michael,
Again enter this cruel fray.
Dispatching countless many,
On their now victorious day.

For Lucifer all is now lost,
He and his Angels now down they lay.
Prisoners to face God's Wrath.
Their war lost and to endure all dismay.

Michael and Gabriel both whisper,
To Lucifer once beautiful and proud...
We are not blind for we all can see!
All this waste and suffering is down to thee!

Their wings are clipped,
Each halo smashed.
Cast down to Earth
Lucifer's grand plans lay dashed.

Lucifer is the last to leave,
But not before a curse is spat.
All wretched human souls are mine to own!
And one day soon I'll sit on God's throne!

It's been said it never rains in Heaven,
But at close of that day it did.
By many an Angelic tear,
Pouring uncontrollably from,
Many an Angelic eyelid.

And when the dead were gathered,
All were buried in a meadow so green.
A place where human souls shall never find.
A spot only Angels know of and breath in,
The perfume of perfect peace and fragrance serene.
Yes a place of perfect peace chosen by God,
And where a simple white cross can be seen.

Copyright Shaun Cronick 2019. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, August 30, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: angels ,heaven,war,war and peace,war memories
Soran M. H 21 December 2019

wow how amazing it is? heart touching poem, well done

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Shaun Cronick 22 December 2019

Thank you for your kind and gracious comment sir. Glad you liked it. I will be having some time off work soon and will read your poems. And in that time I will try to put up the complete version of this poem, that version timed out on me. For the complete version is twice as long. If I can upload it, I'll personal message you when upped. Take care and thanks again.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 30 August 2019

EXCELLENT write. Very gripping. A vivid portrayal of the war of angels in heaven. It is like watching a biblical movie. Those who have never read about angels will definitely learn from this beautiful write.

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Shaun Cronick 24 August 2020

Thank you Rose Marie and there is a version twice as long as this one The Complete Version. But even that one will need to be added to for the third and final part The End Of Days: The Battle Of Megiddo. About Lucifer's war on earth between and Heaven. I need to rewrite The Complete Version and insert three extra stanza's to support what's planned for the trilogy's final and brutal part between Archangel Azeal and Lucifer.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 07 August 2020

A one of a kind write from a one of a kind Poet. It takes a great skill and talent to write a long beautiful poem. Another poetic gem, Shaun. Your pen is indeed amazing!

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Shaun Cronick 02 August 2020

I know there are two versions of this. The second one being over twice as long. But, to tie in with forthcoming Archangel Trilogy Part 3, End Of Days: The Battle Of Megiddo. Even that longer second version will have to rewritten and expanded more.

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Bryony Sheldon 26 December 2019

Divine, eloquent, superb!

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Shaun Cronick 26 December 2019

Thank you once again Bryony you are so kind and generous I have next week off to upload the complete version of this and the complete mammoth version of It Knows What Scares You and a third and final version of Miss Goody Two Shoes who you and my family members enjoyed so much. Hang in there Bryony and many, many thanks for your gracious and uplifting moral support through-out this year. Take care. Your friend, Shaun.

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Soran M. H 24 December 2019

Dear great poet shaun, it is brilliant poem as usual, with very strong language and creativity theme and story, that is what we are expecting from you, even this version to me look like perfect.. wish you every success: 10/10 from me... It's been said it never rains in Heaven, But at close of that day it did.

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Shaun Cronick 26 December 2019

Great, not me good Soran. Mahatma Gandhi and others like him are great and the sadly missed Muhammad Ali is The Greatest.And I thank you for your gracious compliment and comment. I will up the longer version next week, for I have that week off and am looking so forward to it. Time for me after a demanding work is my Nemesis, for there is never enough spare time.It like this poem is a war. Thanks again Soran and take care.

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