The True Peace Poem by Vaibhav Simha

The True Peace

Rating: 5.0

In the hot sun, the gypsy leaves to somewhere one has found peace,
In his search, he finds himself in the support of the stars and trees.
In the morning, he marks the trees, ensuring he never returns,
While in the night, he follows the stars in a trust it leads to the place he seeks.

He doesn't know what ill-traits the sun can bring,
Or what dangers the night might have.
All he knows is to move forward
In the confidence of the stars.

He already crossed countless rivers, ponds and streams,
When he found himself amidst some Lars.
He fought hard to keep his sanity,
In the end, he brought laurels to humanity and the stars!

He took a nap, the best one, in a field;
Then he found the flowers bloomed as the spring seized the opportunity.
He quietly slept while listening to the hums of the honeybees,
Who hovered over the flowers in a hope of finding nectar, the sweetest and not savoury.

He woke up with a never-experienced bloom.
He saw the eve taking over, spreading the gloom.
In the orange sky, the sun took its leave
While the flowers danced elegantly in the retreating breeze.

He put his bag down and took his torn shoes off,
And laid down to gaze at the setting shine, and finally he dozed off.
For he had found the place he sought which had given him his peace.
Ever since, he spent his life watching the flowers dance and listening to the leaves rustle in the breeze.

Saturday, March 24, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: peace,philosophy,wisdom
Lars: a species of ape.
Valsa George 23 April 2020

This poem cannot be extolled as very fine poetry! But the fact that it was written while you were in grade 8th makes it stand out! When I was in that class I couldn't think of writing even something like a nursery rhyme! Fantastic for your age! 10 on 10

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Bri Edwards 29 March 2019

(cont.) 2 - re: " to gaze the setting shine" i think you mean what i'd say as " to gaze at the sunset" you went from present to past tense, but i DO approve. i may get back for more commenting later. bri :)

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Bri Edwards 29 March 2019

1 - i had to look up 'savoury' aka 'savory', not knowing its precise definition. here are both. " adjective: savoury 1. (of food) belonging to the category that is salty or spicy rather than sweet. synonyms: salty, spicy, piquant, tangy 2. morally wholesome or acceptable." (cont.)

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Naila Rais 30 March 2018

Such a nice write.. I would like you read my poem LET ME RISE too.. Naila😃😃😃

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Jaya Das 30 March 2018

this is a well crafted, soothing and a heart touching poetry.....loved the feeling of liberty in this piece and the beauty of nature penned in here....keep writing fellow poet...u r an amazing writer....

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