Sara Stowell

The Visitor: Installment One - Poem by Sara Stowell

I had a visitor today, uninvited though he came.
I spoke with him for hours, yet I didn't catch his name.
He offered me solutions to the questions in my mind;
Then asked if I were ready for the answers I would find.
Intrigued to learn of mysteries, so long kept concealed,
I thought of my reaction if the truth were revealed?
Curiosity had been kindled as I listened to him speak.
I said love and life and faith are the answers that I seek.
He sat down at my table while I poured a cup of tea.
As he began to wax rhapsodic, he shared his verse with me.

LOVE is more than what one feels for a husband or a wife,
More than the devotion to the ones who gave you life.
You love your friends and family, a love they had to earn.
For everything you offer them is offered in return.
Love is the sacrificial light, and forgiveness fuels its fire.
It never makes a profit, no return does it require.
A hand always extended to whoever reaches out
Belongs to those who understand what love is all about.

LIFE is not a sacred gift nor is it a vicious curse.
Sometimes it can be better; sometimes it can be worse.
It's a responsibility to all you represent.
That God was right in making you is in the proof that you present.
If you have more than you need and you feel that you've been blessed,
Can you look back on casualties in the wake of your success?
The lives that you have touched reflect the legacy you choose.
Will your touch be gentle or will it leave a bruise?
And when you are remembered, what will your story say?
A man who found salvation or a man who lost his way?

*Note-Continue on to Installment Two.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 9, 2006

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