The Journey Poem by Vaibhav Pandey

The Journey

Rating: 5.0

Underneath the infinite sky,
above the ovoid earth,
he began his journey,
the journey to find answers
to questions brimmed,
perpetually in his head.

With each mile he crossed,
the more he explored,
answers started to pour,
but with each answer
a new set of questions
knocked at the door,
the door of his insatiable mind.
then he realised,
neither the flow of questions stop
nor stops the JOURNEY.

Al Ramos 26 January 2009

I once took a journey around the world but when I stopped I was where I started.

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Tia Maria 19 January 2009

Life's a journey... enjoy the ride :) Liked this a lot too - thanks for your comment, best wishes Tia

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Goran Gustafsson 19 January 2009

True, both for the induvidual and for mankind.

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Andrew Blakemore 19 January 2009

The journey of life very well described indeed. Well done, best wishes, Andrew

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~ Jon London ~ 20 January 2009

A true poet....and a wonderful journey of life.....A *gem* 10++ best wishes Jon

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Ritty Patnaik 15 August 2009

true knowledge is insatiable., the more you know, youwillfind there is much more to be known.for a true seeker, there is no limit......your poem is beautiful vaibhav and very inspiring.

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Yelena M. 29 April 2009

A pilgrimage of a seeking heart..A creation of a wandering soul pushing the limits of time.Thanks for sharing...Deserves more than 10. Best wishes. A.

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Pablo Cruise 11 March 2009

Poignant in its message. Polished in its delivery. Very beautiful, Vaibhav

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 31 January 2009

A sojourn of mind, and its' marriage to logic, aka: Natural perpetual confluence with each it should be. Lifes boundless queries, and the thoughts and possibilities that follow, are in essence a philosophical parallel to the concept behind the 'ad-infinitum' concept of numerics, space, and the ethereal plane hereafter....Excellent, thought gelling piece, my friend! F j R 2009

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Vernon Eaker 30 January 2009

Wonderfully versed, insight fully depicted, a clear 10

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