The Way To Hell Poem by Misty Heart

The Way To Hell

Rating: 5.0

I went astray from the narrow path
and woke to find myself in a dark wood.
How shall I say what wood that was,
I never saw so drear.
It's very memory left me shape to fear.

Death could be scarce more bitter than that place.
So drugged and loose with sleep had i become.
How I came to it I cannot rightly say;
when I first wandered there from the True way.

I found myself before a little hill;
whose agony had wracked the lake of my heart;
and the shining strengthened me against the evil fright...
through all the terrors of that piteous night.

Like a swiimer who flounders ashore from perilous seas,
my soul's still fugitive from death's masked visage.
Yea, like a swimmer who with his last breath...
might turn to memorize the wide water of his death.

So did I turn to stare down to that place;
that place that none had ever left alive.
And started walking towards the gulf of misery and endless woe;
with reasons unkown, only God can tell...
I found myself walking upon the way to hell.

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 19 September 2006

Fine preface to awhat has the earmarkings of a splendored series... your astute attention to rhythm, and structure is quite impressive, Jessel. i hope to re-visit this series to come, as well as venture my mind into some of your other work..'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''fjr

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Steve Hagget 19 September 2006

and im looking forward to the continuation - great poem, Stvee

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