The Way We Were (Poem) Poem by Dave Tanguay

The Way We Were (Poem)

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The honesty we had as children, - in the process of growing
We spoke from our heart, all of our feelings - we were

Speaking the truth - right or wrong - we told it like it was
For we knew how to behave, - no reason, - just because

Love came natural; we did not need learn it in school
We knew right from wrong, for living with love - required
No rules

What came natural was real, what we dreamed and imagined -
We were taught our world was a fantasy, - and our dreams we
Must abandon

As children, we see all people as our neighbors and friends
We are taught to beware, and are told - who we may,
And may not, - befriend

Reality as we know it, - is an accepted - and conclusive
Fact of life
To conform we are told, “We must! ” - To a species living
As creatures with much strife

We can never grow out - of our need for love.
For to love and be loved, is what living - consist of

The distant dream we adults are all - in search for
Is the way of life we once had as children, - and have since
Been trying to restore


Nimal Dunuhinga 17 October 2007

Dave you remind us the childhood and if we could stay as children forever? An interesting poem as always.

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Brian Dorn 22 December 2006

Sometimes it's necessary to move backwards in order to go forward... great write, Dave! Brian

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Dave Tanguay

Dave Tanguay

Westbrook, maine
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