The Wine Of Samadhi Poem by Stan Petrovich

The Wine Of Samadhi

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This is true:
In a state of meditation
I left both mind and body behind
And in a trance melded with the flow of the universe,
Surrounding my partially enlightened consciousness.
Unlike wine that can make a man a clown,
As Shakespeare was perfect at describing,
I became a vessel of perfect love,
Thrilled as the time I experienced ESP,
So frightening I had to cut it off immediately like a limb,
So amazed at its truth I can never doubt it;
Two strangers in a room full of people, merging
For only a few seconds,
Wood, metal and water,
The earth turning beneath my clambering feet,
The world talking the language of solid feeling,
But with another intervening.

The Samadhi was momentary too,
Equally astounding.
I was alone
Yet I was with everybody.
Every joke, every crazy love, every plight of wondrous energy.
Then it left me like a brief breeze
In the loneliest desert.
I changed of course but remained the same at the core:
Tortured by karma but saved by the Samadhi.


It is a wonderful experience when we can proceed way forward in transcendental mediation, truly a kind of Samadhi. Described with all truthfulness. Liked. I am astounded by the ease with which use ‘Samadhi' and Karma'.

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Savita Tyagi 18 March 2014

An experience so well expressed. A momentary feeling that comes over but leaves a lasting impression to make you a vessel of perfect love. What more one could ask for! Enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing.

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Poetheart Morgan 17 February 2014

No time no space....a different type of consciousness arises...but we always forget.....but something change inside.... for the good is not....

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Deepak Kumar Pattanayak 17 February 2014

Nicely elucidated and rightly tagged it as the wine od samadhi...............Stan...........I loved this piece so much......... Unconsciously conscious and consciously unconscious is the essence of meditation that propels souls towards the stage of Samadhi.................very well composed

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Stan Petrovich

Stan Petrovich

Fort Riley, KS
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