The Winter's Angry With The Reason Poem by valentin savin

The Winter's Angry With The Reason

Rating: 4.5

Fyodor Tyutchev
The Winter's angry with the reason - 
The Spring knocks at her window hard,  
Because now it is her season 
And drives the Winter from the yard.

And all begin to fuss. 
All drive the Winter out - 
Larks in the sky do cuss 
With loud and careless shout. 

The Winter is still busy
And grumbles at the Spring.
The Spring takes it quite easy
And still more noisy sings…

The evil witch got wild
And, capturing some snow,
Threw it at the nice child
And went away but slow.

The Spring has got no grief.
She washed white with the snow
And only felt relief
Against the enemy's flow.
Translated from Russian
© Copyright: Valentin Savin,2019

Thursday, May 2, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: weather
Fyodor Tyutchev 1803 - 1873 years. Russian poet, publicist, politician, diplomat, translator.
F. I. Tyutchev's poem "Winter is angry for good reason" has five stanzas of four lines each - all in all twenty lines. Cross - rhyme the first and the third, the second and the fourth lines. Size - iambic tremeter.
Bri Edwards 29 November 2019

Val, i stumbled on this poem again. this time i also got to read your reply to my first comment. you know [or don't] that i rarely return to a poem's page & 'never' just to look for responses! i like your reply! gee, who can we trust on these computer contraptions! ? ? ?

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Bri Edwards 04 May 2019

i thought a tricuspid was a tooth i had pulled last year! do you purposely make your poem's title different from the 'original title'? i suppose the REAL 'original title' was in Russian. ? :) ok, not bad for a " beginner" ! ! ! to MyPoemList bri :)

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Valentin Savin 05 May 2019

Thank you, Brian. I meant iambic tremeter. I looked in Google, and that brat proposed me tricuspid as a translation for iambic tremeter. I am so sorry for it and myself as well.

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Valentin Savin 03 May 2019

Thanks to my PH friend Brian Edwards for his comments and correction.

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