The World Watches Poem by Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky

The World Watches

The world is witnessing the fall of a great empire
The country the world once did admire,
The land that did protect and helped and did inspire
Soon it will be no man's desire.
It will be set on fire.

It became a country that no longer cared for its poor
No assistance to the weak and needy that needed more,
Crops left in the fields rotting instead of sold in a store
Full Cargo ships laid anchored far offshore.
It became an eyesore.

This land deliberately destroyed their educational system
They cared no more for science and history and wisdom,
No one cared to assist the immigrants either her or him
Greed, racism, and just not caring was their prelim
Survival is slim.

A woman of that country wasn't given any rights
Her body was the governments under all lights,
Her beliefs and her wants and equality was continuous fights
And her needs were performed by doctors in the nights.
She's been read her last rites.

This country was created when immigrants came in
They took and killed and stole from the indigenous natives the red men,
But, now they want a wall installed to stop immigrants and sin
They had forgot how this country truly did begin.
They call themselves patriotic men.

In this country the citizens screamed their country was Christian
Though in the teachings of Jesus many never did listen,
From the sweat and pain of others their diamonds did glisten
Even though in the name of Jesus they where christen.
Now this land has a different vision.

They refused to protect their land from pollution reduction
They polluted and raped the land for greed of production,
All they cared for was to cut down and dig and rape and construction
As though the Devil himself was the one giving the instruction.
The word watches their destruction.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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