The Worst Poem Ever- By My Friend Richard Markham Poem by jodi right

The Worst Poem Ever- By My Friend Richard Markham

I can feel this pain,
It’s started running down my Vein
I should have stopped it at the start
as it ventures from my heart.
Every second it’s clearer
as the light becomes nearer
this was not the right choice
as I hear my mother’s voice,

But as I lay here alone
I can here the faint sound of a phone
Its to late to say sorry now
how could I allow
something like this to get so serious
at one time I was delirious
To actually think it was more
before my heart was tore.

This seemed like the only solution
to commit my own execution
To stem the pain in its flow
now it’s from head to toe
to my delight the first pain is stopping
but my consciousness is dropping
I can indistinctly hear voices
my head fills with choices.

So this is my fate
whichever way its now to late
now I’m just staring at my wrist
thinking about all the things I’ll have missed
as the bathroom door slams open
another set of doors reopen,
life begins to seem full
as the room goes all dull

I reawaken to the hue
of smiling faces even you
and the first words I hear
are “I love you so dear”
I lay in this bed looking into your eyes
and simultaneously every eye in the room cries
They are all tears of joy
for I am just a young boy.

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