The Past's Reflection Poem by jodi right

The Past's Reflection

The past is a locked realm,
A secret burden the mind cages,
Trapped behind tears of regret,
Our mind holds the key;
It sleeps silently until awaken.
Do we face the truth?
Or fall into the endless pit of denial?

Our essence is stuck in a field of mirrors,
Reflecting our inner fears, our inner desires,
Paralyzed by the thoughts of;
What once was.
Who we once were.

The earth turns full circle;
Another year holds more memories,
Imprinted deep within our being.
Hard to step forward.
Scared to fall further.

The key is forced to turn,
A sense of vulnerability grips our core;
Guilt, Regret, Fear, Heart break,
The past is an eternal realm.
An inevitable burden.
The mirrors are our reality;
Of what our past has created.

Jodi Right 05 February 2009

That is what i was trying to put across how we have to live with our past everyday like we look in a mirror and that it is part of us like our reflection is. It will never change. You have to embrace it

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Joseph Poewhit 04 February 2009

The past can be a weight if one dwells on it

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