There Is An Unfair War Against Kids And Women Going On Everywhere - Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

The ugly wars are everywhere Because there are people who Like to wage wars against other People for reasons or for no reasons, but There is a dark war against kids and women Are going on anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, It is unfair to wage a war without a reason And especially against innocent kids and innocent women, Who gave you that ugly permission to kill these pretty Roses and pretty flowers on our peaceful earth? ! Kids and women are dying like insects and like rats Because they're powerless and they're peaceful! What is this cruel world around us? We're crying these little kids and these innocent women Who are dying for nothing or for any reasons! The whole world is watching a bad image of the killing Of these kids and women in a big genocide and in big mass murder, We're tired and we're bored that no one dares to say or to do Anything against this ugly genocide! Where are you, fellow people? It is not acceptable anymore for what's going on to these pretty kids And pretty women who are dying like this everyday and every moment! We cry loudly condemning and denouncing this ugly genocide that Goes on and on against these innocent kids and innocent women, Where are the world's living consciences towards these crimes Against humanity for reasons or for no reasons? If all the pretty kids and the pretty women die like this, then There will be pretty roses or pretty flowers anymore! If anything happens to these innocent kids and women, then the Whole pretty birds will commit suicide or die for them, and I can say to those who murder or kill these innocent souls: ' Stop Your ugly genocide against these pretty souls immediately. Your Ugly wars are real genocide against these pretty souls! '

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Poem Edited: Thursday, August 1, 2013

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