These Longings Within Me Poem by Soumili Karmakar

These Longings Within Me

Rating: 5.0

Here I am, writing my tale.
If you wish to listen, be conscious enough to keep your six senses inclined to every detail.
Put your attention on all my sentences, one after the other, falling and rising profoundly in the course of living time without fail.
I'm young, and loved, I'm beloved, and berated. You have seen me passing by you, just like an ordinary mortal being, with an exceptionally old soul immortal within me.
A girl always with her earpods on. Usually walking down the streets, living in her own lane, since twenty one years along! Like days of Spring with all its youthful essences, I pass by you, and you keep on watching me. I wonder how I catch you staring at me, with two trembling eyes pleading to me for a wish or so.
Like a morning dew; gently kissing your face out of the blue, I pass by you.
Hush, my beloved!
Do not be in your contemplations.
Do speak, if you must.
Thus, must shall I know what's there in your sweet little heart. Do you remember, my beloved, we held hands intensely, by confessing our affection to walk on this devoted journey together?
Couple of glances exchanged by our sparkling eyes, you see!
My intentions for us were divinely pure, like a blossom of crimson flowers singing together when the sky was in pretty colours!
Long ago I've known you pretty well; with all its acquisitions held up without fail, I hope you do remember how I just bloomed only for you!
You see, these wonderful traces shall be praised, which my heart precisely longed for.
And on our beauteous gray days we'll walk again, hand in hand to step in our eternal days.
Just as we passed our youthful days giggling with smiles, thus we shall stand here sincerely by keeping our promises to go on for miles.

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