This Greatest Open Prison, Your Playground Poem by spiritual seeker

This Greatest Open Prison, Your Playground

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Child O poor child, stop crying and let me wipe your tears,
This world is so cruel to you,
We have not made it good for you,
This unending war, greed and hatred…
have taken the innocence away from you.

Like all children in this world,
learning in school is the place you should be,
But they have bombed and burned them from the fiery sky.
These they did arrogantly in open view of the whole world,
which sadly and without shame turned their cheeks away!

Child, where are your close friends now?
I know you are missing them deeply,
Yes, they were here playing a few days ago, but had sadly left you forever,
Killed and now resting peacefully in the dry dust of G_z_.

Hold tight your dusty doll little child,
hold my hand and let us take a short stroll with me,
In between the rubbles of your destroyed homes and streets,
Nothing left for you except these thin plastic sheets,
That will shelter you from the sun and rain.

Let me share this little dry biscuits with you,
That's all they have allowed me to carry for you.
Not even medicine and materials to rebuild your destroyed homes.
Though your heartless enemies slept with full stomach in your stolen homes.

Take a short rest my dear child and look at the western distant view,
How beautiful the clear blue sky is,
and the open sea you can only see from a distance,
Cause your enemies will not even let your tiny feet play the God given waves,
Cause if you dare come close they will shoot you dead, like many others before you.

Child, your old olive trees were earlier fruiting for a hundred years,
But sadly they had cut it down with chainsaws and bulldozers,
What's left now are only your little strip of barren playground,
G_z_, the greatest open prison in this world!

My dearest child, in the flicker of your sad eyes I could see,
Those very eyes that often bravely stared into the enemy's menacing guns,
That we all strongly believe, truth will not be forever hidden from the world's view!
That these dark evils, cruelties and suppression will surely one day crumble,
That your old broken olive trees will one day again grow new shoots,
And be rightly yours and your generations to play under their cool shades,
and it's pure green virgin oil will burn with a beautiful flame,
and shine the brightest light of peace and truth for the whole world to gain.

It is a story of human suffering, massacre, blatantly ignored by the so called 'civilised änd democratic' world!
Hans Vr 30 November 2012

Let us all pray for them. A very well written poem. the hard truth in fluent verses. 10+++

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 25 November 2012

When they are the ones, staging the cruel massacre in the name of keeping peace, what can we expect from them. The children in the war ridden country suffer, the children in the poor countries suffer and even the children in the rich countries also suffer. What do we do to stop their sufferings.? Nice poem!

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