Those Days Poem by Ayi Escalona

Those Days

Rating: 5.0

Not much of a time to recall
When days were young
And nights are filled with dreams
In my innocent life…
It’s difficult on where to start
My memories are filed in cluster
Yet, its vivid and clear, but
It’s the sequence that worries me
Probably need a little work
And who cares
Only me..
I did not count the nights
But I love days to last
But in my little life, I woke up here…
There’s always my mother
I walked holding my mom’s hand
It was the ultimate safety I ever thought
But when my limbs get stronger
The world means play…
My running is endless.
Chasing other people of my age
This is the best thing beauty has ever produced
Not just my childish opinion
It’s amazing to bathe in sweat
And my mother needs to capture me
Just to change my clothing
I slept with cat on top of my breast
I guess I was that naughty
Or just a superb child
Because I outrun fierce dog
Fierce because she bites more than a dozen
On the call of her duty…
Anyway…the days after
Are censored stories
But I can only say
It’s a lot of fun growing
Yet there’s a lot pain knowing life
We are here…simply breathing
To keep one’s self alive

Adnana Saric 21 May 2008

A very lovely poem, I found it very attention capturing and can even relate to some pieces of it.

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K. V. Venkataramana 04 May 2008

I enjoyed reading this poem. You are being honest in recapitulating your past life. Nicely written.

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Kyrstie Terry 18 December 2007

this is a beautiful poem

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Adeline Foster 17 December 2007

Autobiography: honest, simple, enthralling. The account follows so naturally that one must keep reading to the end. Well done. Adeline

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