Those Hurting Children Poem by erie morganmaples

Those Hurting Children

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i can't understand why parents
would or could ever hurt a little
child or their own children.

we need to pay attention
to the call of hurting
children all over the

those hurting children
feel like they have
no-where to go, no-
one to trust but the
people who hurt them.

we as people of the world
need to find a way to
try to help those hurting
children who have no-where
to go.

they think that no-one
cares if they live or die,
and they try to reach out
to those who don't know that
tehy are hurting inside.


Speaking for the voiceless and helping the helpless is the highest privilage of a poet. Well done my frind! I join with you for the protectection of children everywhere!

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Thoughts Of A Poet 13 October 2012

thnx for what you said about my new poem that i wrote and you are very right about what you said about children never being hurt and they shoudn't it's not right

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Darkangel Flyfree 06 August 2012

Very good poem, I like the subject you chose here, yes i agree, children shouldn't have to suffer and the parents that would ever hurt a child should not be parents at all. Thats the reason i can't watch the news because it breaks my heart. You did an awesome job with this poem! Thanks! ! !

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