Rose Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri


Rating: 5.0

The red rose
you plucked
just for me,
is now immortalized
standing fresh, in
my still life painting
in a vase,
smothered with oils
and admiration
on my canvas
fresh forever
in a frame
on the wall.

Philip Winchester 03 October 2009

I can see the rose through your eyes. A Poets eyes as ever I saw some. The vision transferred into words. To place their beauty for comparison. Who said that romance was now dead. It`s Alive for I see it writ sweetly. I thank you again for your simple praise. Have a great day because your deserving.

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Maria Barbara Korynt 28 September 2009

Very nice poem, good work. Greetings. Maria Barbara Korynt

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Marieta Maglas 26 September 2009

A wonderful narrative poem.The message is very clear that only the human talent can describe, through the arts the beauty hidden by The Lord in His creation.Lovely to read...........10++++++++

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Paul Butters 19 September 2009

Immortalised! Great poem. Px

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Alaude Solus 16 March 2010

As the rose stays fresh, the poem also stays fresh. ^-^

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Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun 23 November 2009

Two genres of art become one in this beautiful poem. I enjoyed reading 'A Rose', and I appreciate your kind comment you left for me as well :)

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Shona Sengupta 04 November 2009

sensational and a nice expression of thought!

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Ramin Chaman 14 October 2009

A nice portrait of paint by red rose....well said...Milica...10

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 10 October 2009

how beautifully you have coined yor thoughts! shan

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