Time By Time Poem by Saeid Hadavand

Time By Time

Rating: 4.9

Time by Time
Bide your time
There is no time to hold the time
Just pay the dime and drink the wine
That's all the fine...
Go out a ride, nothing to hide
Forget behind and dance the jive
It will be fine...
Go build a kite and make it fly
Just live the life by rest and lie
Relax the mind, exact the mine
Work on the five, solve it to nine
Grow a pine, love it so kind
Naked sky, the moon, the tide
See their pride, just don't cry
The sun, the shine, the crazy vine
Look them the while, you're not to shy
I say and try: to wipe the dark and paint it white


Great work Saeid, especially the flow! I just love it because it is so positive like, get a life and make it all happen kinda poem. The way you used these words - naked sky, the moon, the tide and, the sun, the shine, the crazy vine, all added to the quick pace. Well done! 10 Karin Anderson

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Anna jonson 21 May 2009

there is no time to hold the time...great poem................waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww

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C. P. Sharma 26 April 2009

Rhythm and rhyme are very fine. CP

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Yelena M. 17 April 2009

To wipe the dark and paint the white..Great idea :) Thanks for sharing this poem, Saeid. Best wishes. A.

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Lt Feitosa 01 April 2009

Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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