Time Passing Me Poem by Daniel Chapman

Time Passing Me

Rating: 5.0

Not sure if I’m coming or going
At times I’m happy for how my life has turned out
I feel like I’ve done so much In this short time
So young and yet I feel like my time is running out
This is the age where I should know where I’m going
Or know at least where I wanna be
My life is not the worst but I don’t like what I'm doing
Not sure if I’m coming or going
I feel like I’m just letting time pass me by
As the years pass what have I accomplished
Each and everyday I find myself Asking why
Why am I so confused In what I want to do
With so much I want to do but I’ve wasted so much time
So what will I do, when there feels like nothing to do
I know this is not a lost cause
I need to stop moving and thinking
and just pause.

Daniel Chapman

Rebeca Valenzuela 21 January 2007

no its not a pointless poem! its better to get those feelings off your chest because it you dont then all you will be doing is causing yourself so much pain.

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Heather Simons 26 December 2006

No not pointless! ! I know the feeling! !

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