I Dream, Do You Poem by Daniel Chapman

I Dream, Do You

Rating: 4.4

Do you have dreams, Well I do
I dream of wonderful things
I dream of things yet to come
I dream of things some may say is dumb
I dream of love not just the word I mean real love
I dream of of a place where there is no war
I dream of a good answer to what we fight for
I dream of floating in the clouds free with no worry
I dream of a president who can just say sorry
I dream of reading a book thats begins with 'what is hate'
I dream of a country, thats completely great
I dream of life beyond the one we live today
I dream of a time when all kids do is learn and play
Ok time to wake up to reality
I was loving my dream now im mad at me for waking up
Life here in the real world can be so crazy
I guess the bigger part of me wishes I was stil a baby
Some of my dreams may come true
I know thats not true and so do you
But I will continue to believe my dream will come true
Because my dream was so wonderful, so I shared it with you

Adeline Foster 12 February 2014

Great poem, great views. Read mine - Time for Another - Adeline

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Katrina Thompson 29 January 2007

wow if only people could realize and make these dreams come true, i like how u inverted our world with your dreams, very nice poem

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Rebeca Valenzuela 21 January 2007

thats a nice poem if only life were like that but unfortunately its not. If only people would have the same dream.

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