I Lied And Said 'I Love You Too' Poem by Daniel Chapman

I Lied And Said 'I Love You Too'

Rating: 4.7

As I was leaving she hugged me
Kissed me then told me she loved me
Not really sure how to reply
My mouth responded with an “I Love You Too”
All the time in my mind, I knew that wasn’t true
I really do have feelings for her
But I can’t really say that I love her
At least not yet
But when she told me she loved me
And not wanting to hurt her feelings
I said I love you too
Is this a growing trend to abuse?
This I love you phrase
I must say I do like her
And want things to work out for the best
But I don’t like the pressure of saying
What Im not feeling yet
I want to tell her the truth
But I’ve already lied
It’s killing me keeping these thoughts inside
I don’t like telling lies
But with this one I didn’t even put up a fight
I am a good man
But if I tell her the truth she won’t understand
So I guess Ill continue to lie until
It becomes true

Gina PrettyBrownEyes 17 February 2007

I like how real you are in your poems. You've got a good voice, keep writing!

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Adeline Foster 12 February 2014

A great poem. I am sure that seven years later she is not still waiting and I do hope that this dilemma was solved without repercussion. She just had to read the poem. Read mine - Bloom of Youth - Adeline

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Emma Woods 16 August 2008

I can totally relate to this poem thankyou so much for sharing this wonderful piece

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 14 July 2007

Love - Alias Complexity! Dorothy

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Erica Wood 03 April 2007

I have to say that its a great heart-felt poem but what i dont get is if someone in that kind of situation where someone is in love someone but that person doesn't love them is it fair to make them think that you do sure maybe in time you can grow to love that person but it doen't mean you will fall in love with them. is it fair to make the think you feel the same way and end up hurting that person later or letting them go so can be with someone who does feel the same way they do? but it is a really great poem and really well written

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alana Keogh 03 March 2007

The lie you speak of Daniel is a white one....so called...because it comes from a pure heart. When you are in love..you will know it. from the ache you feel when you are away from her. Well and honestly written. alana

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