Time To Change Poem by elena winters

Time To Change

Rating: 5.0

why do friends and family
think that i'm lying
i constantly tell them i'm trying
but how can they listen
when they judge me from a distance
give me the stare of doubt in their eyes
no words spoken cause time is left behind
although i wish i could go back
who wouldn't want that
it's every human being dream
to go back to the scene
the same scene where i messed up
i should've never been dumb enough
because when opportunity calls
it seeps through bricks and walls
and it becomes my duty to take it or fall
but i fell with excuses i fell with conlusions
conclusions of me not having a future
so here i stand far from success
time to get up breeze and change for the best


Rich with reality and motivational mandate. Thanks for sharing.

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Christopher Murphy 21 January 2009

keep going...your getting there..chin up shoulders back! ..

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John Smith 21 January 2009

Very nice, almost had a song like quality to it.

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Demon lover 20 January 2009

it was very good and i can relate

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C.R. Clark 20 January 2009

an engaging write, Breeze. Well done Richard

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