The Way You Made Me Feel Poem by elena winters

The Way You Made Me Feel

Rating: 5.0

on a cool summer eve
walking along the ocean shore
just you and me

holding hands as the water swept over our feet.......up to our knees
the breeze blew so free
as you wrapped your muscular arms around me

you warm me with your body heat
while placing soft wet kisses on my neck and cheek

you twirl me around then gently layed me down to the ground
and made love to me like no other man knew how

you made me feel a tingling sensation on every inch of my body that i never knew

it was as if you knew my body just as well as i do

'embrace me my love'
'let's take this relationship higher than the stars above'

for the next half hour he held me close

and for the first time in my life i felt safe in another man's arms

could this be love

Richard Post 18 November 2008

A very romantic poem, very realistic, and that tingling is a high point.

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Colin Jeffery 19 November 2008

Love at its best. Great poem.

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ngaio beck 21 November 2008

I am the wrong person to ask for comment on this work.

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Carl Harris 20 November 2008

Once again, your ability to express yourself and your emotions so well carried this intimately personal poem, Breeze. Your first three lines were an excellent introduction for the rest of the poem. The only mistake I found was in the second three lines, where in the 2nd of which you should have said blew instead of blow-just a minor grammactical mistake. The rest of your beautiful poem was flawless and very well written. The talent I noted in your other poem that I read was very evident in this one. Carl.

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its hard for me to believe that a LEO would allow herself to be taken like that knowing what its like to have once been in love with a LEO myself I'll could be love if you let it.....10/10

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<font color =fusha>Amy 20 November 2008

fantastic poem i wish the best for you :) nice work x

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Austin Zaratzian 19 November 2008

i'm jealous thats exactly what i'm looking for right now in my life congratulations

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