Time Will Never Die Poem by Some Girl

Time Will Never Die

Rating: 4.3

It's hard to say goodbye to time
it's hard to say goodbye to the past
time can't be bought with a nickel or dime
because much of it goes by too fast
one moment a little baby
the next a little girl
it sometimes makes me crazy
to see how much time changes the world
the past, whether good or bad, always seems better
nothing left but memories or letters
i tell myself it's useless to worry
what's the hurry?
there is nothing to be done to slow time down
thinking about it sometimes makes me frown
like a wave rolling into the shore then leaving never to be seen again
reminding you of the precious things you adore
time always leaves a desire to pretend
the little girl's hands
so soft so pale
soon become dressed in wedding bands
hoping her life will never fail
it's so sad the way time flies
it just floats right on by
always leaving tears in my eyes
time will never die


Khairul Ahsan 12 October 2014

Time never dies, It only flies! What does 8/87 at the end of the poem signify? Did you write this poem in 1987?

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Julius Bocarro 29 August 2009

The time past serves as a reminder of all we will ever cherish. I love this endearing rhyme.

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