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To A Lady Asking Foolish Questions

Rating: 2.3

Why am I sorry, Chloe? Because the moon is far:
And who am I to be straitened in a little earthly star?

Because thy face is fair? And what if it had not been,
The fairest face of all is the face I have not seen.

Because the land is cold, and however I scheme and plot,
I cannot find a ferry to the land where I am not.

Because thy lips are red and thy breasts upbraid the snow?
(There is neither white nor red in the pleasance where I go.)

Because thy lips grow pale and thy breasts grow dun and fall?
I go where the wind blows, Chloe, and am not sorry at all.


this is nice.. made me smile i can figure out if you are really sorry or not.. nice thought.

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Corazone Aquino 23 July 2015

The fairest face is the face I have not seen.. I like it. I think he is not sorry. The moon is far.. his journey is far from superficial and even this beauty is not going to distract him. I think Chloe is young now but the poet brings it out that she will age.

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Stephen W 23 July 2015

Very odd indeed. Is he sorry or not? About what? What are the foolish questions? How old is Chloe?

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