Thank You Zaden Poem by Tamra Craft

Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Thank You Zaden

I will always remember the day I discovered
that a very tiny you were on your way.
I should have been so afraid of the unknown
And honestly I did not know what to say.

Things did not happen in the order I had planned
But I have learned that only the Gods may choose our course.
And though I was filled with many doubts of myself
All I knew was that you were what I was put here for.

More than any other emotion, that day I was filled
with a love for you like no love before it.
I lived and breathed for you in both body and soul
There was a snuffed flame inside me that you lit!

I spent every day loving you, dreaming
Of who you would be, what you would look like
Before you, I had no idea who I was
The love I had for you saved me over night!

I knew without question that I had a purpose
More important to me than anything else
I could never question this undying devotion
More powerful than anything I’d ever felt.

I became thankful for things I hadn’t noticed before
Everything in my world became something to share
And I was so happy to have your big brother and sister
Waiting to love you and always be there.

So Grateful the gods granted me such a perfect family
It was something I never knew I needed
It taught me that love could make anything happen
With out each of you I wouldn’t have succeeded.

So I want to take this moment to thank you
For the tears that fell the first time I heard you cry
And the ones I shed when I first held you
I know I’m not perfect but you made me want to try

I was never more sure of anything in my life
As we introduced you to your sister and brother
We knew we would love you for ever Zaden
And I will always be grateful to be your Mother!


Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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