To My Astrological Wife Poem by Uriah Hamilton

To My Astrological Wife

Rating: 4.3

This is a mystical night
Where the moon evaporates
Like joyous tears
Off some lover’s
Longing gentle face
In the midst of a summery embrace.

You disappear into dreams
Where I follow you
Into new dimensions
Of happiness and laughter.

There was something
You were after,
A necklace of precious stones
In the shape of delicate roses.

I will kiss your eyes
In a bed of healing sunlight,
And the merchant
Who bought you from your mother
Will relinquish his claims
And you will become the daughter
Of your own self-creation
And the undeniable Goddess who roams wildly
Through my imagination.

Lori Boulard 04 November 2005

every woman hungers to be called 'a goddess roaming wildly' through someone's imagination. Great imagery!

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John Kay 09 September 2005

Uriah...this is a very good poem. I wish I had written it. I have one suggestion: the lines, 'new dimensions of happiness and laughter' could be more imaginative, more sensual. Words like 'ecstasy' and 'joyous oblivion' come to mind. I'm saving 'shivery pleasure' for my own poem. John Kay

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Mary Nagy 09 September 2005

'In a bed of healing sunlight'................that is beautiful. I really loved that line. Beautiful poem Uriah. (As usual!) :) Sincerely, Mary

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 09 September 2005

oh my so romantic....As I said before you are great!

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