Feminine Mystery Of The Eternal Goddess Poem by Uriah Hamilton

Feminine Mystery Of The Eternal Goddess

Rating: 4.0

I’m writing the poetry of fragile souls
Sitting quietly in the broken sunlight
Of hopeful but fleeting romance.

I’m gazing into the nearly tearful eyes
Of beautiful women paralyzed
By lost love or unhappy lives,
Waiting for kisses
That somehow missed their lips.

And I want to breathe in their rooms,
Be by their side through turbulent moods,
Find the key to unlock their dreams
Currently hidden in emotional vaults
Or shelved somewhere by men who don’t care.

And the feminine mystery of the eternal Goddess
Continues to relentlessly and mystically possess me,
Aphrodite guides me into pleasant meditation.

Herbert Nehrlich1 23 September 2005

I agree, wholeheartedly. The one or two mean-spirited imbeciles who marked this down will have the hex get them and give them Herpes simplex type two. Recurrence every 30 days. Great job Uriah. H

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Gainor Ventresco 24 September 2005

Uriah, I think this is an incredible poem... you have recognized the need for validation and respect in every 'eternal goddess'...that every man could be so insightful! ! Bravo! G.

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Ernestine Northover 23 September 2005

Oh Uriah, that is lovely! You'll be taking on a lot if you have to sort out all these lonely deprived women. How's your stock of kisses. Eh! Sincerely Ernestine.

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Mary Nagy 23 September 2005

What I think is such a sad joke is that there are men like you yearning for women like the women here yearning for men like you............yet they can not be. Does that make any sense? Another wonderfully romantic poem from the best. This makes me envision you in a room filled with sad women looking for you yet you are invisible to them which makes you sad. Sincerely, Mary

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 23 September 2005

You're breaking my heart Uriah.....this was so sweet and romantic. You are one of the best poets on here. I love reading your work.

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Major Congrats & Mega Kudo's on The PH Poem of The Day, my ole' friend in time & verse...~FjR~

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Rajnish Manga 16 June 2015

Wonderful composition. The poem portrays the pain and sadness of those hapless women who have been left alone by their stone-heated lovers. It tries to (I quote) : Find the key to unlock their dreams Currently hidden in emotional vaults

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Captain Herbert Poetry 16 June 2015

Such an encapsulating piece Marvelous

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J P Klegg 06 October 2005

I can dig it but I would use 'hidden' instead of 'hid'. Just me.

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Adriana Cruz 03 October 2005

i thought the last stanza was a little underdeveloped but that could just be me. otherwise, i thought it was beautiful.

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