To Our Unparted Spirits Poem by Bill Galvin

To Our Unparted Spirits

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To Our Unparted Spirits…

Do you remember those first few years?
Every day was so bright and new?
But I had issues and had to leave ‘us’ behind.

It nearly broke your heart, and I almost lost you.

Much to my surprise and joy, you waited;
I then vowed till death would part us; you did, too.
Such a bond of love did we forge over time;
So strong a commitment did we cultivate.

Your inner grace, combined with your
Outward charm, was to create that loving soul,
Upon which our foundation was built.

Separately, you and I had traveled
On personal searches to find ourselves.

Many years we wondered if we were meant to be;
Until a fateful day when the stars aligned,
Causing us to meet again in a grocery aisle;
Happenstance reaped stoic hallelujahs.

My demons slain, we began the life of love
You dreamed of since you were a young lady.

One after another, we met all health challenges,
Never turning away from living to the fullest,
Come what may… never complaining; but, then,
Eventually, a stone-cold killer walked thru our door.

Innocence was struck dead; dreams turned to sand;
New indignities approached with heavy hand.

ALS stripped all perspective from our plans.

Long, however, was our run…
In spite of all the illness and injury,
From beginning to end, we laughed and sang
Each and every time that we could.
Thirty-two years married; forty-two total of love;
I can still see your smile, hear your laugh; but
Memories, as precious as they may be,
Ever hold for only a few hollow minutes.

Lone and lost tho I be, you are now released of pain;
Only for that, term it a ‘blessing’ you passed over; and
Vast tho my void be, our life was one of gain; so,
Evermore, a ‘blessed life’ shall be our legacy.

Many times and in many ways over the years
You told me of what it all meant to you…

Seeing how surely our spirits were lifted in our
Once-in-a-lifetime togetherness; like the
Universe shifting to where it belonged;
Like the extraordinary happiness that respectful
Married life brought to you;
And how our love defied both
Time and distance; defied every explanation
Except one… that we had become true soulmates;

Forever intertwined, souls and spirits wound about
On strands of steel for strength. Such a lasting
Relationship, and the rarest of gifts you offered,
Exhibiting all the best of female qualities, from
Virginal shyness to confident womanhood. You
Encouraged others to practice truthfulness; and
Respected your friendships with those so entrusted.

Long will you be remembered, and be held high
On everyone’s short list of amazing personalities; a
Veritable role model to the young who have known you.
Each peer of yours admiring your courage, as well.

All in all, we made the best of the hands we were dealt.
Life is never all we expect it will be; but,
We were lover, partner, companion, and advocate,
As well as friend to one another; remaining
Young in heart and spirit; and
Still expressive, and enjoying life till the very end.

By all measures of a life or love, and
In any court of final judgment,
Life like ours is rewarded with contentment; and it was;
Love like ours is gifted from Above.

5-26-2015 (Lake Hennessey, CA)

To Us…
Deb, I Miss You So Much; My Once In A Lifetime Love;
My Soulmate Forever; Love Always, Bill

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and loss
Roseann Shawiak 02 June 2015

This poem is a very precious treasure in that it holds everything that you had together, so tenderly and beautifully in your memories. Your lives together and apart are so inspirational and touching, to have a love so gently woven through the years, kept in your hearts until ready to blossom and brought together for this great event of love. An amazing gift from above, divine in nature, as soul mates you can never part one from the other, even though death has separated you temporarily. Your one time love now lives forever within this treasured poem. Awesome poem Bill, a great tribute to Deb, whom I'm sure keeps it tucked within her spirit until you meet again. Thank you for this glimpse of true love, Bill. RoseAnn

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Bill Galvin 06 June 2015

Thank you for the appreciation. You have a wonderful gift yourself of seeing clearly, interpreting perfectly, and competently expressing it. Thanks again.

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Michael Morgan 27 May 2015

Taking with one hand heaven gives with the other. No one can say who's better off. A moving, forthright poem and a genuine cri de couer. MM

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Bill Galvin 28 May 2015

A truly insightful, helpful, and compassionate comment, Michael. No one can say, indeed. Thanks.

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