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To Produce And Spread The Legitimacy - Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

I've overheard some people to say,
How they have to work two and three jobs
To maintain their quality of life.
? ? ?
I've questioned it.
Even as I thought about it, I was in question.

Working two and three jobs to maintain a quality of life?
And those 'bigwigs' on Wall Street,
Entitle themselves to luxuries and bonuses...
Stripping away 'generations' of folks?
Forget the figurative!
These folks are high-falutin looters!

Just based on whether or not their company allows it?
Pocketing millions to accomodate their greed?
And they may not be seen in the office...
Or in the buildings where they have committed theft and fraud?

And folks have elected a government to represent their wishes?
These are their wishes?
To be dismissed like this?
Even some plantation owners left the land to the slaves.
To show their appreciation.
Whether that was from guilt or not...
That is yet to be debated.

Ladies and gentlemen...
I ask you this,
Anytime you have to adapt to slavery to maintain a quality of life,
Is that life?
Or bondage?
Harriet Tubman realized that many years ago,
When she was brave enough to smuggle some black people to Toronto.
You've heard of the Underground Railroad?
Not the restaurant.
The movement.

But those today are thrilled...
To show that ball and chain around their necks!
And brag about standards and values they condone someone else stealing!
While thumbing their noses and attitudes at others.
And not getting a wink of sleep,
Trying to keep what is being taxed.

And we all know if you stop paying taxes...
Who comes to take back,
What is claimed 'owned'.

This is the democracy we have been taught that is envied around the world?
Perhaps that is why a global economic crisis has been claimed!
There is just not enough people willing to kill themselves for it.
At least not at the expense of someone else's luxurious lifestyle!
But then again...
Even their greed has enforced limitations.

Now those in control are heard moaning about producing more loans.
Increasing credit limits.
To continue feeding a gluttony without cash being exchanged!

Folks it is there in your faces.
This is not made up stuff!

While kids fight to get into college.
Not for knowledge.
Would we be in these dire straits,
If folks were knowledgeable?
there is a greed perceived that is needed.
To keep this addiction thriving!
And costly are the fees for it!
Just as wars keep conflicts...
And fears assigned to terrorists!
All there to produce and spread the legitimacy,
Of this sickness.
It is the progress of a demented society!

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