To Reap Un Sown Poem by McDonald Mbejere

To Reap Un Sown

The late hours dawn all my spiraled contemplation
The section of each day that my mind resembles the sea
Because I can't seem to shape things without stencil
These images confuse me
I led the margins with pencil
A thin limit to box my thoughts
In bed with toed socks on
I wear hers because she's mine
And she'll be next to me for a long time.

The next room holds a familiar stranger,
I did not plant the seed in our home,
The child I found was from another man satisfying his need
It shall bloom in my shadow still
And feed off the light my smile radiates.

It sedates with my discipline and virtue,
A courtesy I own to
Bold and true.

Share in my wisdom child
I've been wild and tame,
Seen the beauty and known a lot of shame,
I shall love you more than anything
If you grow up and uncover many things.

Even if you don't become my ether
I love your mother
She's not a product of my flesh either
So pay no mind to my shaky convictions
I'm the kind to see past being responsible selfishly
You're my happy find
He was blind have to left and dwelt you that blow
How unfortunate not to see you grow.

Thursday, August 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: children,love
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