The Simpler Things Poem by McDonald Mbejere

The Simpler Things

The simplest sunshine rose today,
Mildly bright without a cloud in sight
But it went west without appreciation
Slow dissipation took it
As the grinning moon came to take its place
With a longer night
And a crescent light
That lacked warmth and comfort
Nor the luminance to over shadow the city
The gritty city
With its itty bitty
Mild mannered constructs
That are only witty with their impositions.
Demanding praise from comparisons
While the meek country sides
Suffer neglect.
But these are the simple days
No hordes pillage
They just crunch numbers from desks
And fill the millage with dinner steaks
Their lives amounted by flickered mirrors
Existing defined by the intangible
Digital seers
That birth distant peers.
If I can't hold your hand
Kiss you to my heart's content
Do I truly love you?
Because I had a brother
And he watches me while he waits
Across a veil
And I've been talking to myself
Wondering if my thoughts and dreams sail
Past the valley of faith
So his absence can be acknowledged.
I'll see you sooner than I see him is all the hope I have
I want to feel and hold,
From your thighs, to your lips above.
Because no matter how simple the days are
Or how much the odds may be on par
The scar from my languish
Splits beauty from the simplicity

Thursday, August 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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