To Rosa Poem by Abraham Lincoln

To Rosa

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You are young, and I am older;
You are hopeful, I am not -
Enjoy life, ere it grow colder -
Pluck the roses ere they rot.

Teach your beau to heed the lay -
That sunshine soon is lost in shade -
That now's as good as any day -
To take thee, Rosa, ere she fade.

Edward Kofi Louis 24 July 2017

Love with the muse of Age! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Upendra Upm 24 July 2017

Pluck the roses, ere they rot, from a man who, knowingly signed his own death warrant as he signed the Declaration.his hand trembling.

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Lantz Pierre 24 July 2017

Are you referring to the Emancipation Proclamation? Lincoln said on the day that he signed it, New Year’s Day,1863, that he never “felt more certain that I was doing right, than I do in signing this paper.”

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Lantz Pierre 24 July 2017

History has been well served that he was a better president than he was a poet. Which is not to say that he didn't possess great persuasive, authorial powers in his speeches. He did. But this poem is a toss-off. Hardly immemorial, particularly in the shadow of his greater accomplishments.

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Upendra Upm 24 July 2017

Yes Mr.Pierre.There is a book on the president. I had read.These words are there.He picked up the pen, kept it on the table, second time he picked up the pen and then put it on the table, Third time he signed, his hand trembling.he knew what it was to sign the proclamation.

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 20 January 2021

superb and fantastic poem; so you are you and I am throught me wanna be a good view!

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Mruthyunjaya 26 May 2018

Very nice

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Jeanette Telusma 24 July 2017

A man of excellent morals. One who was given the opportunity to take advantage but strongly decided not to do so. This poem is proof of such. Lovely piece.

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Francie Lynch 24 July 2017

Sounds to me like Honest Abe may be a misnomer. The poet is obviously ditching a girl, and trying to make it sound like his young lover can do better. Tsk, tsk, Abe.

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Rajnish Manga 24 July 2017

Great advice to the younger generation about how to enjoy life. Thanks. Enjoy life, ere it grow colder - Pluck the roses ere they rot.

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