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Today is the day I put yesterday out of my mind
Today is the day I take back my heart and soul
Today is the day I put thoughts of you away
Today is the day you’ll become a distant memory to me, I will no longer long to feel your touch or to be kissed by you
Today is the day I stop wondering how you are doing, if you are happy and how I can make you give that smile that makes my heart skip a beat
Today is the day I take back my life

Today is the day I can say boldly and proudly you are no longer the center of my universe for
Today I’m Over You.

Damion Flames 25 February 2007

This poem seemed to come from the heart, unlike some self proclaimed poets, I happen to believe the heart is as original as it gets. -'Keep them comin'

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Poetry Hound 22 January 2005

Today is the day I got sick of seeing so many poems that use the technique of repeating the same opening on each line. Do you have any idea how cliche that is and how many zillions of people do this thinking it's somehow creative or original?

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