Today Is My Day Poem by Sara Here

Today Is My Day

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Today was the day everything went on its way
progress in love, work and Religion what a day
Is that out of your love God or a hole in my whole
life is unfaithful, ungrateful so I learned after all

Let me live that moment
smile and see the latent
when everything smiles to you
you are no longer one but two

so stop here tell me
why Have you chosen me?
Am I No longer Sara
known to be Hera

Amazing why You why you
when all I love, you did not do
you said an order from above
yeah when a caller called for love

will I leave my castle
descend on a fossil
so weird so clumsy
I in this world Have mercy!

for a man I loved not
yet for him I invest all my lot
struggle, fear, tear and despair
all are gone and will flare

For I will live to make him face
tribulations that stake, he will trace
all my torments and take them away
thus, we will begin our new furnished way

Merna Ibrahim 27 July 2009

Awesome poem and the poem is so true......! ! 10+++

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Omar Ibrahim 27 July 2009

wow that was fantastic! ! it's the best one that's my point of view....well done miss.. i really enjoied my time while going through your poetry section...thanks alot and please do me a favor and read my 7 poems....

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