Sara Here Poems

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I Need My God

Life is not so lovely or so sweet
It is full of struggle and defeat
Dying alone lonely with or without love
Your love can not stop orders from above


Missed you all the way no
Missing you everyday no-no
What I need to say is more
Than words could endure

Today Is My Day

Today was the day everything went on its way
progress in love, work and Religion what a day
Is that out of your love God or a hole in my whole
life is unfaithful, ungrateful so I learned after all

Just A Feeling

I can’t explain what I feel
Surrounding me many firewalls reveal
How I am besieged in a world of fear
If I loved my soul must despair

My Tomb

In my grieve surrounded by a grave
Lived many days never thought it is that grave
Melancholy I am now more than lonely
Besides I hear strife a male with a knife

Girls Who Die

Once upon a time there was a fly
A girl who in disguise always lay
None did know who she was
Her shape and identity she never dispose

Keep Your Balance In Peace

Girls who amidst their day say
That men are their only way
No dears slaves are there no more
And none, none could make you afore

Sara And Shallot

Am I like you shallot?
Living in your same lot
Trivial feelings and doubt
Are mingled and set apart

Tears That Are So Dear

I can not shed a single tear
Though there is fire everywhere
I love him, yes, I can not deny
But unfortunately his love must die

Dedicated For Him

Sometimes I feel like I need a place
In which I could reveal the troubles I face
Being alone lonely and alienated
In a way that can make anyone frustrated.

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