Blank Page Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

Blank Page

Rating: 4.5

I am like the sky and moon
Empty and filled with air
I show no emotion
It is so hard to show any emotion and it burns

Yet every day is like a black page
Nothing to do or seek
Until I write a emotion, feeling, nothing about fate
Then time will move forward for me

There will never be a past
Unless I do something worth while
There will never be a future
If I stay still I wil move backwords

Too many things to do
And all I have is this blank page
Waiting to be written on
Waiting for a story to tell
Waiting for my life to move on
Yet my life stands still

I am always stuck in the present
A black page waiting
For me to fill it
With my story

Yet I have nothing to say
Nothing to write
Cn't set a goal, a dream, and set it right
Because I am that blank page

Still I wait, for someone to come
Still I wait for my story to be written
Just a character with a blank expression
Hope the story will come to me
In my life as a blank page
I am just a character with no future
For I wait for a written answer


Samuel Popeil 21 April 2010

I can totally relate this piece. I understand where you are coming from. life has its goods and bads. You got deal with the bads and hope for the goods.

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Eyan Desir 02 April 2010

In life there is always hope.... keep living keep writing

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Jamison Davis 30 March 2010

i really can relate to this-well penned...<-)

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